Picnic tours


As the Haut-Richelieu is a predominantly agricultural region, it's the perfect place for picnic tours featuring local produce.

Cheesemakers, charcutiers, chocolatiers, brewers and winemakers are all producers offering you new flavors from here. It's the ideal destination for exploring new landscapes along the Richelieu River or Lake Champlain.

What's more, gourmet picnic tours are available all over the region! 

First of all, note that the gourmet tours are all available on the Ondago app. Check out the must-see agritourism stops here.


Gourmet picnic

For this one, it's at the foot of the mountain, through the fields, that you'll criss-cross the rows of Sainte-Brigide-d'Iberville, discovering farms and stores ready to welcome you and show you their know-how. You'll be able to sample delicious local produce at the picnic site, located in the countryside of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, at the Au Gré des Champs cheese factory.

Picnic circuit: 
  • Vaudois sausage
  • Cadet Roussel Farm
  • Les vergers Pierre Tremblay et Fils
  • Fromagerie Au Gré des Champs - picnic area

Summer BBQ

Then, because nothing says summer like a good summer BBQ, this one is concocted with local produce and enjoyed in a local business where you can take the time to sip a nice cold beer.

Drive a few kilometers through the town of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, discover the local stores and farms, and enjoy a delicious local meal.

Picnic circuit : 
  • Fromagerie Au Gré des champs
  • Le 3 bœufs inc.
  • Thirteen chocolates
  • Domaine Berthiaume - Picnic area

The great summer excursion

Here's another opportunity to escape on a journey where culinary culture takes on its full meaning, along a 64 km route that follows the Richelieu River on both banks. First of all, meet authentic people who will help you discover local products and their stories. Finally, pick up your own produce to enjoy at home or at a suggested picnic spot.

So, while you're on the road, take advantage of the moment to discover all the cultural and culinary attractions that surround you.

Picnic circuit : 
  • Reid Farm
  • Henryville Orchard
  • Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser
  • Stefan Frick delicatessen
  • Louis Hébert strawberries
  • Vineyard 1292 - Picnic area

The Brewery Tour

Secondly, the Tournée Brassicole is an ideal tour for craft beer lovers who want to combine business with pleasure. Each of the region's microbreweries will welcome you in their own unique setting to discover their own unique beers. You'll succumb to the pleasure of sharing and tasting Haut-Richelieu beers!

Picnic circuit : 

  • Lagabière - Brasserie, Taproom & Boutique
  • OverHop - Craft beers
  • Domaine Berthiaume
  • Terre à boire - Picnic area

Urban picnic

Finally, head to the heart of the city and discover the hidden treasures of Vieux-Saint-Jean. On foot or by bike, tour the stores and restaurants of Old Saint John. What's more, Old Saint-Jean is animated throughout the summer, so you can enjoy an urban and gourmet experience, while sampling local produce in the Place publique picnic area.

Picnic circuit : 
  • Parma Déli
  • Marché public du Vieux-Saint-Jean (Saturday)
  • Thirteen chocolates
  • Les petites Bonneville grocery store