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Our mission

Tourisme Haut-Richelieu works to develop and promote the Haut-Richelieu region, with a focus on innovation, sustainable development and economic prosperity.

As a unifying force for the local tourism industry, THR fosters partnerships, concerted action and synergy between tourism players around a shared regional vision.

Our vision

Haut-Richelieu is recognized as the destination close to Montreal, coveted for its diversified, authentic and sustainable offering, where it's good to get away from it all, savor the pleasures of life and live for the moment.

Our objectives

Increase average tourist spending and economic spin-offs in the Haut-Richelieu, in a context of sustainable development.

Position and promote the tourism destination to local customers in Montreal, Quebec regions and neighbouring states.

Strengthen the tourism offering and structure it in line with niche markets and strategic positioning, so that it is attractive, diversified and innovative, and allows stays to be stretched over 4 seasons.

Enhance the welcome, accessibility and visitor experience through technology and sustainable development.

Encourage networking, partnerships, consultation and synergy between stakeholders.

Promotion, structuring and marketing

Structure, market and promote the Haut-Richelieu's innovative offering so that it stands out, shines and is coveted.

Partnerships, consultation and synergy

Bring players together around a common vision and direction. Create partnerships between companies, organizations, cities and regions.

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Product and business development


Promote the development of a diversified, authentic and sustainable offer where it's good to get away, savor the pleasures of life and live in the moment.

Support for your business projects

  • Help and technical support for your business project or event.
  • Support in preparing your files.
  • Sustainable development (development plan, certifications, resources and specific blog)
  • Financial assistance

Welcome and information

Facilitate access to information and destinations, and enhance the visitor experience through technology and sustainable development.

The team

Director, Resource Law 25
Mireille Labranche
Marketing manager
Christelle Heurtaux
Reception, Sales and Member Services Supervisor
Véronique Plamondon
Development Coordinator
Sorya Prach