Apple time


This autumn, live in the moment and preserve traditions by picking your own apples in the region's many orchards. Long live apple season! 

Harvest these fruits with your family to get some fresh air, with friends to take it easy for a while, but above all for yourself! You'll come back loaded with victuals, and your head full of recipes that already smell delicious - it's perfect for this season! 

The orchards

The six apple growers based in Mont-Saint-Grégoire are proud of their experience and welcome you to enjoy a wonderful apple season in their orchards.

The other three plantations are located in Lacolle, Henryville and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Come and experience the simplicity of nature at its most accessible and soothing.


Good to know!

Contrary to popular belief, the best way to get the apple off the tree is not to twist the fruit. Instead, grasp it firmly in the palm of your hand, then lift it upwards to detach the stem from the branch. This preserves the bud for the following year.

Check out the special Apple Time feature in our autumn magazine, where you'll find a wealth of great information!

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