Sugar time


It's usually towards the end of February that the sugar bushes open their doors and welcome you for the sugaring-off season. So why not schedule a meeting with them to get to know them better!

Rediscovering our traditions also means being here, now, taking the time to live and enjoy moments with family and friends.

Maple groves

Ordering is great, but getting there with the family is even better.

In addition to meeting the grower, you'll be able to turn this outing into an activity.

Sleigh rides, interactive trails, hebertiste games and mountain hikes are available depending on the sugar bush you choose.

Listen to the Haut-Richelieu en saveurs capsule: maple products !

Did you know that...

Our beautiful tradition has come a long way since it first appeared! 🍁😍

Pure maple syrup provides you with important nutrients! 🥞

Learn more in our educational capsules about Haut-Richelieu's maple groves.

Discover the origins of the famous design on maple syrup canes, and how the canes evolve in our local maple groves!

Did you know that the first "commercial" sugar bush in Quebec was the Goineau sugar bush? Over the years, it grew and gave way to Érablière Charbonneau. 🍁