Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser

Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser, a Swiss-inspired cheese dairy!

Near the border between Quebec and the United States, visit Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser. This cheese factory makes and sells fine cheeses. 

First of all, the cheese dairy has over 30 varieties of cheese.

Over the years, their cheeses have won numerous awards. For example, "Douanier" and "Raclette Griffon" have often won awards.

The dairy also specializes in firm, semi-firm and soft washed-rind cheeses. 

The store is also wheelchair accessible.

Finally, don't forget to visit the cheese dairy's website

Opening dates:

Open all year round. 

Products offered :

  • Food: artisanal cheeses
Other local products
Payment by card
459 Chemin de la 4e Concession
Noyan (Qc) J0J 1B0