Haut-Richelieu en Saveurs

The beginning

While it's easy to choose what to eat, why not let nature tell us what to eat?

Since each season brings its own set of flavours, why not enjoy them at their respective times?

Well, that's what Haut-Richelieu en saveurs is all about! It invites you to dine in restaurants offering dishes prepared with local produce. What's more, one of the objectives is to encourage restaurateurs and producers to work together towards a circular economy.  

Let the seasons be your guide!

Agri-food directory

First of all, Haut-Richelieu en saveurs enabled more than a dozen dedicated restaurateurs to incorporate local products into their menus. Since then, of course, they've been inviting us to share their local discoveries, and encouraging their fellow restaurateurs to do the same.

So you can sample the region's products at the restaurant tables.



In fact, several restaurants in the region offer monthly tastings of dishes prepared with products sourced directly from Haut-Richelieu producers.

Restaurant PARLES-EN PAS TROP, Old Saint-Jean
- Dishes prepared with Fritz Kaiser cheeses
- Sorbet Le Grand Verglas
- Profiteroles from Les Gourmands disent
- Breads and pastries from Boulangerie Levainno5

RESTAURANT ST-TROPEZ, Saint-Blaise-sur-Richelieu
- Le vin du Vignoble 1292
- Fritz Kaiser cheese

RESTAURANT L'IMPRÉVU, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
- Chicken from Fermes d'Isabelle
- Cheeses from Au Gré des Champs cheese dairy
- Organic vegetables from Terre-mère

RESTAURANT BELGO, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
- Chorizo from Stefan Frick delicatessen

And finally, how about a little refreshment? You'll find local beer in some of the region's establishments.

Lagabière beer at LA PLANK restaurant, and OverHop and Lagabière microbrewery products at BISTRO LA TRINQUETTE. At pub chez Morse, RESTAURANT LE DORCHESTER and BISTRO MORGANE, you can also sample beers from Domaine Berthiaume microbrewery.

Now let's talk about Haut-Richelieu producers. These are passionate people, getting up at the crack of dawn to work their land and take care of their livestock and equipment in order to offer quality local products.

Then come the Haut-Richelieu en saveurs web capsules. Meet the dedicated men and women who believe in the importance of working hand in hand with local restaurateurs.

In the Haut-Richelieu region, this represents over fifty producers. Ultimately, they're the ones who invite you to discover an impressive diversity of local products.