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Top 5 places to hike

Haut-Richelieu is a region renowned for its diverse landscapes and magnificent natural spaces. For hiking enthusiasts, the region abounds in picturesque trails offering breathtaking views and total immersion in nature. Here are five of the best places to hike near Montreal.

Tips and tricks: Preparing for a hike is like preparing for an exciting adventure! First, choose a trail that matches your level of experience and your desires. Next, check the weather forecast to make sure you're comfortably dressed, and plan your clothing accordingly. Don't forget your water and energy snacks to keep you in shape throughout. Make sure you have comfortable shoes and a backpack with essentials. And above all, share your plan with someone close to you and respect the safety rules. Last but not least, make the most of every moment and enjoy the magnificent scenery all around you!

CIME Haut-Richelieu

Located in Mont-Saint-Grégoire, the CIME Haut-Richelieu is a real gem for summer hikers. This nature interpretation center offers a variety of trails for all levels. Trails pass through mixed forests and wetlands, and climb to hills offering panoramic views of the surrounding region. In summer, lush vegetation and wildflowers add a touch of color and freshness to every hike. It's also an excellent time to observe a wide variety of birds.

Park and Nature Trail

Le Nature Park and Traillocated in Venise-en-Québec, is the perfect place for a summer hike. Well-maintained trails wind through dense forests, flowering meadows and wetlands, where wildlife abounds. In summer, mild temperatures and sunny skies create ideal conditions for exploring nature and enjoying picturesque views. Family-friendly trails allow everyone to enjoy this green oasis, whether for a leisurely hike or an educational outing with the kids.

Parc Naturel des Parulines

Visit Parc Naturel des Parulines in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu is a must-see destination for hikers and birdwatchers in summer. The park is renowned for its bird diversity, especially warblers, which can be seen in large numbers during this season. The well-marked trails offer a variety of levels of difficulty, allowing everyone to find their own pace. In summer, the wealth of flora and fauna makes each hike particularly enjoyable and instructive.

Chambly Canal National Historic Site

The Chambly Canal NHS is a destination of choice for those who like to combine hiking and history, especially in summer. This trail follows the Chambly Canal, offering picturesque views of the water and historic locks. The trail is relatively flat, making it accessible to all, including families and the elderly. In summer, hikers can enjoy the coolness of the canal, green spaces and picnic areas, while learning more about the history of the canal and the region.

Érablière Charbonneau

Érablière CharbonneauAlthough famous for its maple syrup in spring, the Érablière Charbonneau is also an excellent place for hiking in summer. Trails wind through a traditional maple grove, offering magnificent views of the maple trees and surrounding forest. The canopy provides welcome shade, making hiking comfortable even on the hottest summer days. Visitors can also learn about maple syrup production while enjoying the region's natural beauty.

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