A railroader's bicycle tour

A cycling adventure on the rails of La Montérégiade with the "Un cheminot à vélo" tour.

Discover the history of the stations that used to serve the old railroad line, now a bicycle path. Linking Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Granby via Farnham, the 51 km circuit is guided by a friendly railwayman who recounts the epic story of the railroad from yesterday to today.

Using a narrative framework, period photographs come to life, telling the story of the stations and the development of the towns and villages around them. Witnesses from the railroad era share their memories and anecdotes, while a historian provides further details. These comments are complemented by contributions from the railwayman. Will he trade in his coal shovel for a bicycle?


The complete Un cheminot à vélo tour can be accessed both online (streaming) and offline (without Internet in the field, cell phone in hand) with the Preload option of the PodcastDiscovery mobile application.

Enjoy the ride!


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La Montérégiade bicycle path