Here, we like it when it bites

The Richelieu River is home to 56 species of fish - a good reason to tease a few!

Start with a visit to one of Haut-Richelieu's two fishing boutiques. Depending on your point of departure, stop by Londero Sports in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu or Taylor Pro Sport in Lacolle. Both will have something extra to put in your tackle box!

Now it's time to discover Quai Ryanlocated in Saint-Anne-de-Sabrevois. The municipality has revived this infrastructure dating back to 1830, transforming it into a recreational, environmental and educational complex. Learn more about the flora and fauna of the Richelieu River. Read the interpretive panels and record the animals, plants and birds that surround you. Keep an eye out for Great Blue Herons, who like to cool off in the water!

Stay until sunset and enjoy a bite to eat or a picnic. You'll be able to extend this wonderful moment with family and friends.

The Richelieu River is 171 km long and home to 56 different species of fish, so these are two good reasons to grab your fishing rods and head out to catch a few. Bring your own picnic to spend more time outdoors!