Les Jardins 1840

Discover Les Jardins 1840, a family-run market garden business! 

If you want good fruit, delicious vegetables, tasty maple syrup, delectable honey, good eggs and wonderful flowers, then come to Les Jardins 1840. 

First of all, please note that in a great respect for the environment, this company does not use chemicals or pesticides in their crops. 

On-site, you'll have access to a self-service kiosk. Depending on the season, you can buy eggs, celery root, Carnival squash, pumpkins, leeks, Brussels sprouts and much more. 

By the way, subscribe to our farmer's baskets. You'll receive 18 baskets of vegetables over 20 weeks.  

Finally, while strolling through Old Saint John, drop in at Autour de la Table. Here, you can buy free-range eggs from this market garden farm's lovingly raised hens. 

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Products offered :

  • Food: Eggs.
  • Fruit: Pumpkins, blueberries and strawberries (coming soon: apples, pears, blackberries, cherries and kiwis). 
  • Sweets: Honey and maple syrup.
  • Vegetables: Herbs, garlic, onions, corn, sweet peas, eggplant, kohlrabi, beets, zucchini (green and yellow), garlic flowers, celeriac, leeks, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, beans, kale and cherry tomatoes (coming soon: broccoli).
  • Other: Bouquets of cut flowers.
Cash only
Online store
Farm stand
2370 Route 219
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Qc) J2Y 1H6