Boutique Rookery

The Rookery Boutique specializes in skateboard brands.

The Rookery Boutique offers a wide variety of clothing, shoes, accessories and skateboards.

First, meet the boutique's president and chief designer, Jean-René Bertrand. He was the owner of Skateshop Orbite for almost twenty years. The boutique's vice-president and head buyer is Louis Samoisette.

In the new boutique, you'll find clothing and accessories for both men and women. For example, there are sweaters, pants, dresses, hats, coats, sunglasses and more.

For skateboard enthusiasts, you're sure to find the right parts here. Get boards, wheels, trucks and more. In fact, complete skateboards, longboards, cruiser boards and old school boards are available in store.

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Opening dates:
Open year-round.

160 Richelieu Street
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Qc) J3B 6X4