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Mother and Daughter Day - Haut-Richelieu must-sees

Whether you're celebrating Mother's Day or planning a mother-daughter day out, here's how to surprise your loved one with the perfect day out in the Haut-Richelieu! Precious moments and time for little touches are meaningful and heart-warming. We've created profiles for each activity to inspire you! 

In a country setting!

The mother who wants to get out her fine clothes and enjoy refined products while spending a warm moment! 

La table champêtre à la ferme et cuisine Bika is a great way to discover seasonal produce! It's an opportunity to sample the cuisine of chef Fiscun Ercan, winner of several awards including Best Neighborhood Cuisine in enRoute magazine's 2021 Best New Canadian Restaurants list. For those interested in learning more about the culinary arts, cooking workshops are also available! Reservations are available from April 20, 2023 at 9 a.m. for the month of May. 

Connecting with animals

The mother who wants to enjoy the good weather, spend some quality time with animals and discover alpacas!

Increase your happiness, reduce your stress and comfort yourself by spending time with alpacas! This animal, native to South America, is warm and welcoming with its soft, warm wool. In short, Zoé's Ark, the mini educational farm, lets you walk an alpaca and discover their world! Other animals await you on site. There's also La casa d'alpaga, which offers zootherapy, a guided tour and the chance to pet the alpacas live from their enclosures! You can even extend your stay with rustic, modern accommodations.

Yoga and relaxation!

The mother who needs to enjoy a moment of zen, the present moment and a moment of relaxation!

Origine Yoga is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the world of stretching and movement! Yoga has many benefits, such as strengthening muscles, improving flexibility and, above all, providing a moment of relaxation. Take advantage of their events and classes. There are also private classes tailored to your needs if you want to deepen your session and spoil your mother.

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