Here, we're sporty!

Outdoor enthusiasts are in for a treat! It's the perfect outdoor adventure to get you moving.

To begin this microadventure, visit Arbraska to experience Upla! Jump into the trampoline nets and reconnect with nature while letting your crazy out!

After your high-energy activity, stop by the Bistro Les Plaisirs Raffinés for dinner. Sandwiches and gourmet takeaways are sure to make your mouth water!

Once your order is ready, head to Trinity Estate to enjoy your picnic. There's plenty to discover, including the Centre d'Art Trinity and Maison Epiphany, exhibiting works by local artists.

To end the day on a high note, enjoy a 45-minute immersive tour along Hazen Creek that will make you see the creek differently!


Stage 1 | Mont-Saint-Grégoire

Arbraska, Upla | 3 h

Bistro Les Plaisirs Raffinés | 1 h

Trinity Estate | 2 h