Campbell meats

Visit Les Viandes Campbell butcher shop! 

At Campbell Meats, you'll have access to passionate butchers! Depending on your needs, our butchers can make customized cuts. 

Stop by the store to see the variety on the fresh meat counter. There's beef, veal, pork and grain-fed chicken. Sometimes there's also lamb, red deer, farm-raised bison and grain-fed turkey.

What's more, the butcher's shop offers a variety of prepared meals to make your life easier.

There's spaghetti sauce, traditional tourtière, pasta salad, meat lasagne, coleslaw and various kinds of pâtés. To round off your meal, try strawberry-rhubarb tart or pecan-maple syrup tart. 

On-site services include a slaughterhouse, a butcher's shop and a delicatessen! 

Browse the butcher's website to place an order online or to see the monthly specials! 

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Opening dates :

Open all year round. 

Products offered : 

  • Food Bostons steaks, marinated chicken brochettes, bone-in beef chuck roasts, boneless pork shoulder roasts, apple and maple sausages, beef bourguignon, bacon (pork belly, back), hams (toupie, buttock, shoulder), smoked pork loins, smoked pork chops, B.B.Q. smoked chicken wings.B.Q. smoked chicken wings, home-made hot dog sausages, smoked duck breast, sausages, cretons, pâtés, head cheese, terrines and home-made cold meats.


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121 Campbell Street
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