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Tips and conferences

Check out these tips and conferences, which offer a wealth of information to help you get organized during this period.

Business directory for the entire Haut-Richelieu region.

The committee is currently working to identify businesses offering the essential services still available. The list of Haut-Richelieu businesses is available on the SOYEZ_LOCAL+ ENSEMBLE WEBSITE. It is your responsibility to inform Soyez Local of any changes concerning the status of your business, in order to keep this list up to date.

We invite you to complete the formto register your company, if you have not already done so. Your collaboration is invaluable in the creation of this directory.


TOURISMEXPRESS - Tourism industry news

TourismExpress and Gonzo Marketing bring you a series of live, relevant and informative content. We invite you to follow them on Facebook; their content is highly relevant and essential in this unprecedented situation.



  • Gonzo Marketing :
  • Marketing in times of crisis: stop or stop again?
    • Addresses the question: What digital marketing strategy should we adopt in the current context?
    • What we learned;
        • The importance of building on existing customers.
        • The relevance of having a transactional site.
        • The opportunities that need to be seized to reinvent ourselves, create partnerships, offer innovative services and be benevolent.
  • Marketing in times of crisis: The role of influencers
    • Addresses the question: What is the role of influencers in a crisis situation such as we are experiencing?
    • What we learned;
        • Influencers can be useful, even when there's nothing to sell!
        • As content creators, influencers are crucial to the dissemination of information.
        • Their role is currently more in story-telling than promotion.
  • Marketing in times of crisis: Perspectives for NPOs
    • Addresses the question: What are the impacts of COVID-19 on NPOs? How can NPOs adapt to the current situation?
    • What we learned:
        • NPOs have five sources of income, and in the current situation, three of these will be seriously affected.
        • Reorganizing operations is essential.
        • Work on social innovation between NPOs and their customers.

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