Urban high point!

Ciel! How beautiful! In Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, wonder is a daily occurrence, with eyes turned skyward, feet cool in the Richelieu and hands firmly planted on the handlebars.


High on discovery

When it comes to atmosphere and discovery, Old Saint John is the place to stop. Whether it's for a gourmet or refreshing break, or simply to strike a pose and window-shop, it's grandiose, unique and over-the-top.

Discover Old Saint John


How's it going? Yes, we are! In Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, we know all about action. On two wheels, we travel along the Route verte, skirt our magnificent river, explore our countryside and, above all, oxygenate our lungs. Memories are forged one kilometer at a time. 

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High on exploration

On our magnificent river, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu sets the scene for thrilling water adventures. Get out your fishing rod, raise your anchor, hoist your sails or paddle to the rhythm of the current - it's all about having fun, surpassing yourself and having a great time! 

High on culture

Vibrant, diverse and original, culture transports us beyond the expected. With it, we discover our history one step at a time. We sing in unison under a starry sky. We let ourselves be moved by the pen of our favorite authors. Without restraint, we take a dizzying plunge into the wonderful world of art.

What's more, starting in June 2023, discover the Parcours ludique - Les barils disparus and set off on an adventure through the streets of Old Saint John. 

Discover also the historical capsules; It's ancient history