Cycling trip

Everywhere in the region, it is possible for you to travel many kilometers. Ready, set, go!

Almost 300 km of cycling routes have been built and are waiting for you! All trails are accessible from the tourist information office in Vieux-Saint-Jean.

Discover the Chambly Canal multi-use trail and the Montérégiade, two rock-dust roads that are both marked and perfect for families.

The cycling route of the Vallée des Forts, more for experienced cyclists, is shared with the road and joins the trail of Lièvre alongside the US border.

Cycling routes are the perfect opportunity to stroll through the area at your own pace; while strolling on the tracks or relaxing along the beautiful river. In all cases, the three new bike routes proposed will be an opportunity to travel around the municipalities with your family or alone.

Whether with ONDAGO or Bike etrails, these two applications are essential to not miss anything during your journey.

Several accommodations are accredited Bienvenu cyclistes and offer you services adapted to your needs. The specialty shops in the area are also available for bicycle repair services, there is nothing to worry about!

Put those event in your agenda: