Church and Rectory of L’Acadie

Take a tour of these magnificent heritage buildings built on the banks of the Little River of Montreal following the deportation of the Acadians (1755) and their arrival on our territory 250 years ago! Continue your visit walking to the Ancestors Park and see the monument to the Great Odyssey. Perhaps you will find the name of your ancestors? The wall of the Napoleon Bourassa school is also telling you the story of the deportation and the foundation of our village named L’Acadie.

Permanent Exhibitions of the Presbytery Interpretive Center: Life at the Presbytery in the 19th Century and the Sacristy: Liturgical Clothes and Sacred Vases. A museum to discover!

  • Audioguide and explanatory brochure on site
  • Guided tours in French and English
  • Shop at the presbytery


Next event:

Les fêtes patrimoniales de l’Acadie

August 4 and 5, 2018

Theme: the forge in the 18th century

Also: folk music, craft shows, quilt exhibitions, lectures, sleigh rides, Acadian food, kids’ activities, treasure hunts and much more …


From Wednesday to Sunday from 10h to 16h

Other schedule: available by appointment

Group: preferably by appointment


$ 5.00 / adult

Free / under 18 accompanied by an adult

1450, ch. du Clocher,
Québec J2Y 1A4