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Start your stay by discovering the Montérégiade, a route crossing the fields by taking an old railway line. Along the way, admire the agricultural region with its corn, wheat and soybean fields. Pay attention ! Many deer, wild turkeys and, of course, migratory birds share these plots of land. Along the way, make a gourmet stop at Saucisson Vaudois and the Tire-toi une bûche pastry shop in Sainte-Brigide-d’Uberville. Beautiful places that are worth seeing!

After this 100 km round trip, drop off your bikes at Auberge Harris and explore Vieux-Saint-Jean on foot. Then, take advantage of the deckchairs at Oasis Vieux-Saint-Jean to rest your legs and admire the view of the river and the locks. Finally, for dinner, recharge your batteries at X’ze Place or at the Comptoir Restaurant & Buvette in Vieux-Saint-Jean.

The next day, explore the region on the Canal-de-Chambly bike path, but this time with the Richelieu River as a backdrop. Pay special attention to the many migratory birds and the beauty of the course. This 40-kilometer round-trip route is filled with different places to take great photos. Stop at the Halte des Moulins and take a few moments to connect with nature while admiring the banks of the river and listening to the birds. An energizing moment guaranteed!

When you return from your walk, bring back a good coffee from Bean et Bonheur and a chocolate treat from Treize Chocolats, both located in Vieux-Saint-Jean. You will end your getaway with a multitude of flavors!


Step 1 | Montérégiade

Step 2 | Sainte-Brigide-d’Iberville

  • Saucisson Vaudois
  • Tire-toi une buche

Step 3 | Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

  • Oasis Vieux-Saint-Jean
  • X’ze Square
  • Restaurant and refreshment counter

Step 4 | Accommodation | Auberge Harris

Day 2

Step 1 | Canal-de-Chambly cycle route | 40 kilometers round trip

Step 2 | Vieux-Saint-Jean

  • Bean et Bonheur
  • Treizechocolates

Total time | 2 days

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