Mount Saint-Grégoire

A high point in nature!

The area around Mont Saint-Grégoire abounds in greenery and agri-tourism, and is renowned for its endless orchards, maple forests and numerous fields, but above all for the magnificent view from the mountain. Many outdoor attractions are far enough away from civilization to take the time to unwind a little! 


Artisans de la table

Far from civilization, Mont Saint-Grégoire is the perfect destination for adventure and leaving routine behind. For a day, you can lose yourself in a natural environment bursting with life, then refuel by sampling local, seasonal produce.

The orchards

Six of the region's apple growers are based in Mont-Saint-Grégoire. Proud of their experience, they welcome you for a wonderful time in their orchards. Come and experience the simplicity of nature at its most accessible and soothing.

Maple groves

At the foot of the mountain lies an imposing maple forest in which a few sugar shacks are tucked away. Here for generations, maple syrup producers cultivate maple water every autumn, transforming it into decadent products!