Hot-air balloons

Who to fly with in the Haut-Richelieu?

Throughout the year, three companies offer hot-air balloon flights in the region.

All year round, in winter and summer alike, Balad' Air offers charming hot-air balloon flights. A wonderful experience to enjoy, or to give as a gift.

With La Magie de l'Air, fly, float and glide while suspended in a large air bubble. Make your hot-air balloon adventure unforgettable.

Montréal Montgolfières is here to make your dreams come true. We offer you the dream of touching the sky aboard our magnificent balloons, expertly piloted by seasoned and experienced professionals.

During the August festivities, book a flight online with theInternational Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu .

Here, we love thrills

In the Haut-Richelieu region, hot-air ballooning is a common occurrence, and taking to the skies with the best is both possible and affordable! The splendors of winter are unfolding, and it's the perfect time to take in the enchanting landscapes that will unfold before you from a whole new angle. An experience to be had at least once in your life!

After this unforgettable and unique experience, take some time out to relax in one of the region's open-air venues.


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How to experience hot-air ballooning

Flying in a hot-air balloon is a fantastic experience to be had at least once in your life.

You can experience this moment in summer with its radiant weather and lush nature, or in autumn with the wonderful colors of the season. And it's also possible in winter with immaculate, crystal-clear snow. Every flight is unique and magical!

A hot-air balloon flight can only take place if the winds are light, the air mass stable and there's no risk of precipitation. The temperature will be much the same in the air as it is on the ground, so it's important to dress according to the weather forecast for the day of your flight, and to be conciliatory about the date we've set for ourselves to experience this extraordinary moment.

A gondola is a small space, so bring as little as possible, but don't forget your camera and your ticket!

Of course, the cost of a flight is considerable. But the unique experience is well worth the price. Sharing the moment with friends also helps keep costs down!

So, will it be on your To Do List for next year?


The International Balloon Festival: Generating wonder

From August 11 to 13, 2023 and from August 17 to 20, 2023, the 40th edition of the International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu will be an unforgettable experience for friends and family alike.

The festival site features performances by renowned artists, activities for all, immersive zones, inflatables, rides and, above all, hot-air balloons in the sky.

We can't wait to see you there!


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