Heritage Route of Haut-Richelieu

Here are the cultural and heritage circuits currently available in mobile versions:

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Cultural maps of the city of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and the region:

Discover at your own pace, the culture, the art and the heritage of the city of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and the Haut-Richelieu region. On these maps you will find historic, art, religious sites as well as the companies of the region presented individually by point of interest. Please see our other cards for existing routes or circuits.

The little Cadie (audio-guided tour):

The little Cadie of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, in the heart of history! A trail, with a walking section and a drivable section, is available to discover the rich heritage of these sites.
L’Acadie, the oldest parish in the Upper Richelieu, was named Sainte Marguerite de Blairfindie at its founding in 1782.
It was also called the Little Cadie

In Rina Lasnier’s Footsteps (audio-guided tour):  *This tour is available in French only.


Discover the places and landscapes that inspired Rina Lasnier, an internationally acclaimed poet, during her stay in Old Saint-Jean.

Military life of Fort Saint-Jean (audio-guided tour):


Come discover and enjoy the military wealth of our region via a fascinating audio tour filled with anecdotes and old memories.

A walk in Old Saint-Jean (audio-guided tour 1,8 et 3 km):


An audio tour allows visitors to explore Old Saint-Jean and discover historically important sites and buildings.

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